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Care for Foster Kids

Oxenford Village Shopping Centre has partnered with "Hope in a Suitcase", a fantastic not-for-profit charity organisation run by Founder, Rachael Clancy. Rachael and a few volunteers assemble and distribute suitcase care packages containing essential and comforting items to children from communities that are entering foster care or out-of-home care.

We want to help provide for the children of our community and need your help to achieve this.

Hope in a Suitcase packs are filled with new clothing, pyjamas, underwear, toiletries, toys, books, and school supplies to support local children in emergency housing, foster and displaced children. Giving children their very own suitcase to pack their belongings in, showing them that their lives are worth more than a plastic bag.

You can help by dropping donations of required items (listed below) into the donation bin located at the centre. For complete suitcase donations please reach out to our centre management team via email on oxenfordvillage@au.knighfrank.com

From the Founder – Rachael Clancy

"Every child, every day, no matter what, deserves to feel loved, safe, and hopeful.

The effects of ‘Hope in a Suitcase’ go beyond the direct impact of the resources they provide. It’s empowering and makes room for positive change within our community in a way that nothing else can.

Children with a strong sense of self-worth feel competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and feel worthy of success and happiness. It gives them a solid foundation for their learning and development. It is empowering and makes room for positive change in a way nothing else can."

To learn more about Hope in a suitcase visit https://www.hiasc.org.au/

Required Items:

Baby Items - Clothes - Pyjamas - Underwear - Socks - Shoes - Shampoo & Conditioner - Soap - Body wash - Deodorant - Toothbrushes - Toothpaste - Shaving Accessories - Sanitary Items - Hair Brushes - Hair Accessories - Makeup - Skincare - Notepads - Pens/Pencils/ Textas - Stationery Items - Lunchboxes & Drink Bottles - Toys - Books - Soft Teddies

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